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Website specimen of the typeface Luciole
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Laurent Bourcellier & Jonathan Fabreguettes


Luciole (French for “firefly”) is a new typeface developed explicitly for visually impaired people. The result of a two-year collaboration between the Centre Technique Régional pour la Déficience Visuelle (the Regional Technical Center for Visual Impairment) and the type-design studio typographies.fr, this project received a grant from the Swiss Ceres Foundation and support from the DIPHE laboratory at the Université Lumière Lyon 2.

A typeface for visual impairment
Word massing, spacing, the structure of the letters: the concept for Luciole adheres to a dozen specific design criteria to provide the best possible reading experience for the visually impaired. Particular care has been taken in drawing the figures, mathematical signs, and punctuation.

A powerful editorial tool
Each style of Luciole contains over seven hundred characters and supports almost all European languages. The character set also includes many Greek and mathematical symbols for scientific notation. Luciole aims to facilitate both optimal readability for visually impaired students and efficient deployment by publishing professionals.

A typeface to advance research
Numerous reading tests with visually impaired students from elementary school through high school are conducted, with assistance from the DIPHE laboratory at the Université Lumière Lyon 2. Articles detailing the project and the results of this research will be published shortly; they will appear both on the Luciole website and on the DIPHE laboratory website.

Download the typeface
Luciole is available for download under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which covers use (including commercial use) and distribution of the typeface for free. Simply download the fonts on the Luciole website and move the files to the appropriate Fonts folder on your computer.